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Mark Twain


Mark Twains real name was Samuel Langhorne Clements.

He was born on November 30th 1835, the same night Halley’s Comet came.

Clements loved cats

He called his dogs I Know, You Know and Don’t Know.

Mr. Twain went bankrupt in 1894.

He hated going to school

Mark often ran away from home when he was young.¨

He thought he would die with Halley’s comet since he was born when it came, and he was right.

To pay off debts accumulated as a result of failed business ventures, Twain toured the world as a lecturer, publishing his experiences in Following the Equator (1897).

 Mark Twain published more than 30 books throughtout his carreer.


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Death In the Barn

I think that Lennie is a very caring, sensitive, loving guy who only wants to help others. I think he is disappointed of himself when he loses his temper, and he never means any harm.
He clearly regrets it every time he does something he know was wrong. Lennie has got, after my opinion, major problems and has to learn how to control his strength. He needs to transferee his bad energy to good enrgy and use it to help people who need his help.
Curly and his wife need to tell him that he is a good person, no matter what he does right or wrong. That way, it will be easier for him to control himself.

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Once upon a time there was an old cobbler named Gepetto who really wanted a son. He also loved his job, and every furniture he owned, was hand-made. Gepetto decided to make a wooden puppet and named him Pinocchio, since that was a “lucky” name.
One night he wished upon a star that his puppet was a live and became the son he never had.  Little did he know that his wish was to be granted the very next morning. You could only imagine the look on his face when he found his puppet dancing on the table and singing through his wooden mouth.
The next day, Pinocchio was sent away to school for the first time, hoping to be as good as all of the other students. On his way to school, he met a fox and a cat. They offered him to join a puppet-theater, and ignorant as he was, he tagged along.
But he did not like the theater so well, and was forced to do things he did not want to.
When he was not performing, he had to stay in a cage the whole day. Slowly, this built up Pinocchios anger, and not in a healthy way. One morning when his boss, Stromboli, came to get him for his next show, he was met a horrendous and terrifying sight. Pinocchio had broke out of his cage and everything in the room was torn down and smashed. People outside were screaming and running around. The once so innocent and sweet puppet had now turned into a huge wooden-monster. After a while, it seemed like he was starting to calm down, and soon he was back to being little again. He was put in his cage once again.  Pinocchio continued to burst into a monster night after night after night, but he never seemed to do this during the shows.  One time when he was performing, he got so angry that his muscles grew to  enormous proportions, and he was now bigger than ever.
Just when he was about to tear down the theater-tent, a familiar face caught his eye. In the audience, he could see Gepetto! Pinocchio froze and slowly his body was reduced and gone back to normal size. Gepetto ran out to him and asked him what he was doing here. Pinocchio told him the whole story, and after a while, they finally went home. No-one never took advantage of him ever again, and he and Gepetto lived happily ever after.


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I was at the mall yesterday

My basketball was lying in the closet

The coffee can was hanging over the fireplace

A cat got stuck between the branches

You caught me going under the fence trying to escape

My toothbrush is in the bathroom

Have you been under my desk all the time?

I lay the book on the table, in case you forgot.

You can see the statue right beside that little store on the corner

It’s a lot hotter by the fire than over here.

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